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Work in a supportive, collegiate team at Elementa

Our aim is to make Elementa an exceptional place to work, for the individuals who form our team. To achieve this aim we are focused on:


  • Attracting professional individuals with integrity who are committed to reaching their potential while helping our clients achieve theirs.


  • Creating an stable, compassionate and inclusive environment where your point of view is heard and your contributions are valued.


  • Offering the opportunities you need to further your career and deliver the best results for our clients.


  • Providing the support, flexibility and recognition you need to engage more effectively with your work, your colleagues and the communities you live and work in.

Testimonials from Elementa Staff


"It was the supportive and welcoming team environment that drew me in, and what I enjoy most working for Elementa Psychology. There is a wonderful balance of professionalism and high-quality mental health service to clients, yet consideration, understanding and compassion for my own wellbeing and professional growth as an early career psychologist. The work itself; challenging and rewarding and everyone who works here are genuinely caring and lovely people - which makes turning up to work and working here enjoyable!" 

Laura Murfett – Clinical Psychology. Has been with Elementa Psychology since December 2018.  


"Access to regular individual and group supervision makes Elementa a great place to work. I also appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to adapting to changing professional requirements (such as good COVIDsafe practices, changing Medicare requirements). I've always felt my contributions are valued, and clinical decision-making is supported." Liz Solum, Clinical Psychologist. Has been with Elementa Psychology since April 2018. 

"Elementa Psychology offers clinicians a highly professional work environment in which one is well supported to carry out our clinical role as well as further develop one's therapeutic skills." Dr Dominic Doyle - Clinical Psychologist. Worked at Elementa Psychology from March 2013 until 2022, when to left to start his own practice. We wish him every success.

I have worked at five private practices prior to Elementa Psychology and had concerns about each in terms of the physical space, reception services and how the client was ‘held’ from their first contact. Elementa is a pleasure to work at for so many reasons. The rooms are comfortable, tastefully decorated and soundproof. There is a sense of ease working here, and for my clients who enter a relaxing space when they come in. The intake and admin team are amazing, with a strong sense of respect for the client and practitioners. Communication across the team is wonderful and I have found everyone very responsive to my needs and suggestions about procedures. Having a large professional team, all of whom are Clinical Psychologists, ensures regular peer supervision on an individual and group level, with access to experts in various therapy modalities. Elementa also places high value on data and file security and has done a lot of work developing systems which are secure and easy to use. This has obviously been particularly important with online therapy during COVID, where all platforms were thoroughly investigated to align with our ethical requirements." Dr Patrice Friars, Clinical Psychologist. Worked at Elementa Psychology from August 2016 until February 2023, when she moved to the other side of Melbourne. We wish her all the best for her future.

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