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Becoming pregnant and having a child is one of the most significant and emotional times in your adult life. Planning for a family and maintaining your wellbeing during pregnancy and early parenting can be difficult for some people. How you cope and how much you enjoy this phase of your life can be affected by the type of support you have available, any difficulty conceiving, miscarriage, your expectations and hopes, your birthing experience, and the nature of your relationship with your partner.

This is a significant time for both women and men – and can affect both parents in quite different ways.

Issues of importance during pregnancy and early parenting:

·         The quality of your relationship with your partner
·         Your birth preparation and experience
·         Your hopes and expectations
·         Financial security
·         Work situation
·         Housing
·         Outside supports such as extended family and friends
·         Your relationship with those people
·         Your physical health and changes during pregnancy and following the birth
·         Any history of mental health problems or trauma

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