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Many of the Elementa Psychologists are themselves Expats or have spent a number of years overseas as Expats. As a result we recognise the uniqueness of picking up lives and families and moving them overseas, away from family and friends.  


The lives and lifestyles that come with being an expat are often very different to being in your home country and this can lead to many stressors, be they: work related, isolation related, cultural differences or over indulgence.

Mental health can be viewed very differently dependant on the country you are in and that can lead to limited resources or what resources there are may be unregulated.

With the improvement of internet speeds and the standards of security with Telehealth video conferencing software, it is now possible to deliver quality face-to-face therapy online. At Elementa Psychology we use HealthDirect Video Conferencing software that meets Australia's stringent privacy regulations. Check our privacy policy for more information.

As Elementa Psychology is based in Melbourne, Australia, Psychologists are regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which maintains the standards and policies of all health practitioners in order to protect the public.


For more information on the minimum levels of education and training required to practice as a psychologist in Australia visit the AHPRA Psychology Board

If you think you might benefit from seeing a psychologist, book an obligation free, 30 minute appointment*, with one of our friendly Support Staff. The 30 minute appointment won't cost you anything and they will listen to your unique circumstances, your goals, and match you with the right psychologist for you.

What to expect from your 30 minute appointment*.

N.b. If you feel like you might hurt yourself of someone else, it is critical that you immediately contact the emergency services within your region as we will be unable to provide the service you are in need of.

*FREE 30 minute appointments is only available to people based outside Australia.

Free, no obligation, 30 minute appointment with one of our friendly support staff*
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