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The 30 minute initial appointment is a, no obligation, free session with one of our intake support staff. During the appointment, they will listen to your concerns, issues and goals, explain what psychology is and how psychological therapy works. If at the end of this appointment, you feel like psychological therapy would be beneficial to you, the Elementa support team member will match you with a suitable psychologist and book you in for an appointment.


Whilst the initial 30 minute appointment is free, any further appointments with a psychologist will be billed at the psychologists' session rate. The fee and terms of service will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

N.b. If you feel like you might hurt yourself of someone else, it is critical that you immediately contact the emergency services within your region as we will be unable to provide the service you are in need of.

*FREE 30 minute appointments as only available to people based outside Australia.

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Free, no obligation, 30 minute appointment with one of our friendly support staff*
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