Dr Georgina Lowndes

Clinical Neuropsychologist
BA(Hons) BApplSc MPsych(ClinNeuro) PhD.

Where do I work?............  I work in Kew


How long have I worked in Mental Health?............ 20 Years


Mental Health Experience............  have worked in private practice seeing a range of adult clients suffering cognitive impairments, mood changes, chronic pain and PTSD. With a background in Clinical Neuropsychology so I have worked extensively with clients with developmental and acquired brain disorders causing cognitive impairment, emotional changes, and behavioural/functional changes (e.g., early dementia). I also worked with these clients’ families and carers to provide education and support to them in their role as carers. I have worked across various public healthcare sectors, including: adult and aged mental health, rehabilitation, and assessment and diagnostic clinics. I have also lectured for a decade at Monash University in the Doctor of Psychology Programs and other courses. I have supervised psychology students on clinical placements, and supervised doctoral research theses on a variety of topics. I have written and presented dozens of papers at national and international conferences. 


Who do I treat?............ Adults (18 years+), and older adults.


Areas of expertise............ Supporting clients with age related conditions like cognitive impairment, adjustment and grief; supporting carers; supporting clients with neurological conditions; stress and anxiety;  depression; pain; ADHD. 


My therapy style............ I use a flexible approach to individually tailor my therapy to support my clients' individual needs. I focus on providing a supportive and positive therapeutic relationship where clients can learn and grow. I like to broaden my clients' understanding of themselves, their situation and their symptoms and learn new skills to better manage life’s obstacles - “knowledge is power”.