Do I have to have any art making experience or skills to see an art therapist?

No. Exploration is the main focus of art therapy.  The emphasis is on the process of art making rather than a polished finished artwork.  This means that no previous art making experience is necessary. It is in the facilitated engagement of art making processes and the engagement with art materials themselves that provide insights into self, relationships, patterned ways of being, preferred ways of being and more. 


What happens in an art therapy session?

We will begin our session with some talking and checking in with each other. From here, you will choose an access point and move into art making.  This access point may come from something from our discussion that you are curious about and you want to explore. Or you may want to begin with materials themselves and be led by them.


My role is to make offerings and suggestions and to remain connected to your process. You decide where you want to go next.  I may ask questions as you are making.  Or maybe you want to create in silence.  Perhaps we create together in some way.  Together we explore meanings and any emotional activation or experiencing arising from your process and your making.  If time permits, you may shift to a different material to find representation for what you have come to know.  The options are endless! 


We will end the session with some talking and checking in and to see if anything else needs attending to before you leave. Ultimately, an art therapy session offers you time to be with yourself in a spacious, sometimes playful, sometimes deeply meaningful, creative and supportive way. 


Do I get to keep the art work I make in a session?

Yes.  All artwork created in a session is yours.  If you don’t want to take it with you, that ok too.  Sometimes people need to destroy their artwork as part of their process.  Or maybe it needs to go straight on the wall/mantlepiece/poolroom/under the bed. It’s up to you. 


What art materials can I use in a session?

Materials used during a session can be: clay, paint, pencils, pastels, collage, wire, found objects, your own body, sound. 


Can I have an art therapy session via Telehealth? 

Yes.  Art therapy is still very effective when facilitated via telehealth.  You will need some materials with you at home.  But this can be things like: lego, objects in your recycle bin, things from your backyard or street, cloths, a sewing kit, textas...we can use anything!