A creative, gentle and healing therapeutic technique offered to people of all ages. Art therapy uses creative expression in various forms to explore feelings, release emotions and stress, develop self-awareness and enhance the connection between body and mind.


Our art therapist has a Masters Degree in Creative Art Therapies and is trained to treat mental health issues, grief and loss, support life transitions, build confidence and develop insight – social and emotional. 

The techniques include sculpting, drawing, painting, and collage. Psychotherapeutic techniques include supportive counselling (life stress, mental health, disability), grief counselling (bereavement, terminal illness, family breakdown, divorce), trauma processing, and mindfulness. It offers another pathway to healing and wellbeing that can use verbal expression in the process but is not so reliant on language as are traditional talk therapies. 

It is a judgement-free and ability-free space in which to use creative arts to express, release and explore the self, heart, body and mind. 

  • Pre & post-natal adjustment 

  • Grief & Loss 

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety 

  • Stress 

  • Life changes 

  • Trauma 


Online Services available via telehealth & In-person services available.


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